Most Common Carpet Problems And Their Solutions

Carpet Cleaning Balmain

Carpets are the preferable choice for home owners when it comes to decorating their floor. Carpet as a flooring has its own unique properties but with time, you start noticing some problems with them like discolouration of carpets, bleach spots etc. Also, these problems can end up causing more trouble, so it is better to hire experts for carpet cleaning in Balmain.

This article will deal with the common problems and solutions to maintain your carpet’s look.

Common Carpet Problems And Solution To Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best

Carpet Browning

Sometimes when you decide to clean the carpet’s embeded stains on your own, you might experience slight yellowish discolouration. It happens because of over wet cleaning procedure or water damage. 

Solution: It is fixed by allowing the carpet to dry quickly and treating it by spot treatment. A regular carpet cleaning is essential to avoid carpet browning. But a professional carpet cleaner knows how to address carpet browning issues, so it is best to hire them.

Shedding And Fluffing

This problem usually occurs when you purchase new carpets. Shedding is normal process wherein small balls of carpets leftover litter on the floor. 

Solution: Small fluff ball would stop appearing within 1-2 months and a gentle vacuum will solve this problem.

Carpet Matting And Crushing

Sometimes your carpet seems flattened or thinned out. It generally happens due to high foot traffic, material crushed down, or improper care.

Solution: To improve the crushing and appearance of the carpet, a cleaning method such as hot water extraction is suggested by a carpet cleaning expert. However, if it may not fix the issue, then it is time to look for new carpets.

Carpet Shrinking

It occurs due to improper cleaning practices. Whenever you decide on DIY and not taking a professional carpet cleaning service, you usually face this issue. It happens due to too much heat or too much water during cleaning.

Solution: If you don’t have any idea about cleaning techniques, it is better to leave them for professional cleaning. Taking professional carpet cleaning services is much cheaper than buying a new carpet every year or two.

Colour Fading

It usually happens when carpets are directly exposed to sunlight and improper utilization of chemicals and bleaches. Apart from that furniture and dust are also the culprit of colour fading of carpets.

Solution: A professional carpet cleaner who is familiar with the carpet re-dying process will help you get the color back.


If you need professional carpet cleaning Balmain in any of the above situations, then don’t hesitate to talk to them. As carpet is your expensive investment, it needs the proper care and a professional hand to clean it.