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Over time, dust, allergies, and grime are absorbed by curtains and blinds on a daily basis. This also stains them according to the region of exposure, which is more common in kitchens and bathrooms. So, if you want your curtains or blinds to be cleaned then contact Carpet Cleaning Balmain. Our company is one of the most efficient and oldest companies in the business. Yet our team for Curtains And Blinds Cleaning Balmain employs the latest technology machines to finish the job with precision and provide the highest quality. So, if you ever need a reliable and inexpensive curtain cleaning then contact us.  

Method Our Company For Curtain Cleaning in Balmain

Cleaning curtains is not finch, it requires a lot of precision and experience to provide the best cleaning results. Moreover, our company offers two different curtains and blinds cleaning services that will provide you best results. Here is some brief information about both of the curtain cleaning services we offer in Balmain. 

Curtain Dry Cleaning: This method is suitable if either you do not have much time or your curtain and blinds can not stand water. Our company uses a traditional method with the latest machines and achieves perfect cleaning results without using a single drop of water. 

Curtain Steam Cleaning: If your curtains and blinds have long overdue cleaning waiting for them, then steam cleaning is perfect. This method will make sure to clean the curtains and blinds from the deepest part also. And our team for Curtains And Blinds Cleaning Balmain uses nature friendly and non toxic products for the highest quality of results. 

Different Curtains and Blinds We Can Clean 

There are almost no types of curtains that our experts can not clean. Here we have mentioned the curtains and blinds we clean:

  • Cased Heading Curtain 
  • Tab Top Curtain 
  • Pencil Pleat Curtain 
  • Double Box Pleat Curtain 
  • Rubber Backing and Full-Length Drop Curtains 
  • Linen Curtains 
  • Acrylic Backed Fabric Curtains  
  • Pelmets and Valances 
  • Drapery 
  • Lace Curtains 
  • Goblet pleat curtains
  • Eyelet Curtains 
  • Sheer Curtains 
  • Roller blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Venetian blind
  • Vertical blinds 
  • Awnings

If in case you can not see a type of blinds or curtains you own, then contact our company and our experts can provide you with all the required information. 

We offer Onsite And Off-site Blinds Cleaning services in Balmain

If you own blinds then our company offers one more exclusive service just for you. We not only provide onsite blinds cleaning but if you ever require off site blinds cleaning then contact us today. 

On site blinds cleaning, we will come to your property to provide the cleaning services in front of you. But in case you do not have time or you are not around or for whatever reason, you require cleaning but not at your place, then we can pick the blinds up. Our offsite blinds cleaning service will pick the blinds up and clean them up on our premises and rehang them back at your property Moreover the results of cleaning are the same in both of the methods. 

Unique Process We Employ For Curtain Cleaning in Balmain

Here you can have look at our carefully designed step by step process to clean the curtains and blinds using the highest standards: 

  • Our first step of the process involves the inspection of curtains and blinds. We will identify the fabric type, count, etc. in this step. 
  • Next, on the basis of the first step, we will select the best products to clean the curtains and will perform a patch test. This will help us in further steps of the cleaning process. 
  • Once the results of the patch test are positive, we will pre treat the stains so that they will come off easily in the main cleaning step. 
  • Now, we will move to the main cleaning step where we will either use a dry or steam cleaning method to remove the dirt, suits, stains, allergens, etc from the curtains. 
  • Now we will dry the curtains. Then we will deodorize the curtains to remove any odour if there is. 

Perks of Hiring a Professional Curtain Cleaner

Hiring professional curtains and blind cleaners are mostly thought of as unneeded expenses. However it is not true, booking a professional blind and curtain cleaning company will provide you with a lot of merits and perks that can not be received if done by yourself. Here are some of the perks of hiring a professional cleaner:

  • The professional will be able to clean much more effectively and efficiently. They may even bring back the original look and colour too. 
  • The professionals use safer yet effective cleaning products that do not have any harsh chemicals in them. 
  • By hiring a professional for cleaning you can enhance the interior.
  • Regular cleaning by professionals will result in an increase in the lifespan of curtains and blinds. 

Book us For Our Same Day Curtain Cleaning Services In Balmain

If you ever require curtain cleaning services on an urgent basis but do not have any prior appointments. Then pick up your phone and contact us. Our team of Curtains And Blinds Cleaning Balmain will arrive at your property on the same day or within 24 hours. Moreover, this exclusive service also does not cost too much but is rather affordable. 

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